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Personal Information Protection Policy

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  • Seohan Group (“the Company” hereinafter), in compliance with the laws pertaining to “the Encouragement of Information Network Use and Information Protection,” protects all your personal information in strict confidence. Please read the following Personal Information Protection Policy to understand for what purposes the Company uses the personal information you have provided, and what measures the Company has taken or will take to protect your privacy. The Company will notify you immediately of any changes made to the Personal Information Privacy Policy, either on this website or on an individual basis. This policy is effective as of the date on which it first appeared.
  • Type of Information Collected
    The Company collects and uses personal information of its members for the following purposes.
    ο Your name, member ID, password, resident registration number, date of birth, telephone number(s), e-mail address(es),
       details of consultation, etc.
    ο Your personal information is to be submitted on the Company’s official website (see the Q&A and membership pages).
  • Purposes for Collecting Personal Information
    The Company collects and uses personal information of its members for the following purposes.
    ο Processing inquiries : The information you have provided for the Company will be used to communicate with you, regarding
       the details of your inquiries and requests for consultation and their outcomes.
    ο Member management : The information will also be used to identify members, to confirm their consent to membership
       agreement, to identify their age, to handle their complaints and inquiries, to deliver notices, etc.
  • Period of Keeping Personal Information
    In principle, the Company immediately disposes of and destroys all personal information it has collected once it has fulfilled the purposes for which it has gathered such information.
    Pursuant to applicable laws, however, the Company may keep its members’ personal information for legally stipulated periods of time where necessary.
    - Registered personal information and details of consultation : kept for 1 year.
    - Where the Company has notified the member of the extended period of keeping his/her personal information and has obtained consent thereto : for the periods of time as specified to and agreed by individual members.
  • Destroying and Disposing of Personal Information
    In principle, the Company immediately disposes of and destroys all personal information it has collected once it has fulfilled the purposes for which it has gathered such information, according to the following procedure
    ο Disposal Procedure
       The information you have entered in order to become a member is moved to a separate database (or a separate document
       storage facility in case of written records) after having been used for the specified purposes. It will be kept there for certain
       periods of time according to the applicable laws (see above) before being destroyed. Personal information stored in the
       separate database will be used for no purposes other than the ones specified by applicable laws.
    ο Disposal Method
       Personal information in the form of electronic files will be permanently deleted using irreversible technological methods.
  • Providing Personal Information
    In principle, the Company does not disclose members’ personal information to a third party, except in the following situations
    - Where the member has given express consent to disclosure thereof
    - Where the information has been demanded by public investigative authorities, pursuant to applicable laws and/or in accord with legally stipulated procedures and methods for the purpose of investigation.
  • Entrusting Collected Personal Information with an External Agent
    The Company does not entrust personal information of its members with an external agent without members’ express consent. Where necessary, the Company will notify members of the external agent to be entrusted with such information and the details of the information to be entrusted and seek out prior express consent.
  • Rights of Members and Their Legal Representatives
    The member and his/her legal representative may view or update his/her personal information or the information of a minor under the age of 14 on behalf of the child and/or even request the termination of his/her membership at any time. In order to view or update the personal information of a minor under the age of 14 or to request the termination of the child’s membership, click on ‘Update Personal Information’ (or ‘Member Information Change’) or ‘Membership Termination’ to go through the member identification process first. Contact the officer in charge of handling personal information in written form, via telephone, or by e-mail as well. Where your request for changing your personal information is pending, the Company will not use or disclose to a third party your personal information until the requested change is made. In case the Company has provided erroneous personal information to a third party, the Company will immediately notify the third party in question upon discovery of the error and prompt immediate correction. The Company will dispose of the information for which a member or his/her legal representative has requested termination and deletion according to the terms and conditions stipulated above under the heading “Period of Keeping Personal Information,” and keep it strictly confidential against unauthorized viewing or access.
  • Installing, Operating and Rejecting Automatic Devices for Collecting Personal Information
    The Company deploys cookies that find and save your personal information at all times. Cookies are very small text files that the server used to run Penterium’s websites send out to your browser and are saved up on your computer hard disk. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.
  • Purposes of Using Cookies
    - To analyze the frequency of members’ and non-members’ visit to the website, to use the data to identify website users’ preferences and interests, to trace users, to identify users’ participation in various events or special programs and to build target marketing campaigns, customized services, etc. around the data.
    You reserve the right to accept or decline cookies. You may allow all cookies to be saved automatically on your hard drive, request that you be asked to confirm each time cookies are saved, or reject cookies altogether by changing options on your web browser.
  • Rejecting Cookies
    E.g.) By changing the options on your web browser, you can accept all cookies, have the web browser ask you to confirm each time cookies are about to be saved, or refuse cookies altogether.
    If you are using the Internet Explorer (IE): Go to ‘Tool’ menu at the top of your web browser > ‘Internet Option’ > Private Information.
    Bear in mind that, if you reject all cookies, you might not be able to access or use all services on the website equally.
  • Customer Service Regarding Personal Information
    In order to protect your privacy and handle all your inquiries and claims regarding personal information, the Company operates the following departments and officers

    Customer Service Department : Communication team
    Officer in Charge : Lee Nara
    Telephone : 031-8047-4315
    E-mail :

    You may report all your complaints regarding how your personal information is handled by the Company while you are using or accessing its service. The Company will provide immediate responses.

    Should you require further help concerning invasion of privacy, contact the following.
    1. Individual Dispute Resolution Committee (
    2. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (
    3. Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (
    4. Police Administration Cyber Terror Response Center (